Life – Story unfolds…


These sessions are all about You and Your Loved Ones, I will focus on capturing an array of emotions: love, trust, laughter, joy – connection is The Thing I’m striving for to achieve, when documenting all the details you want to keep in your memory. Being together, holding hands, gently stroking your daughter’s hair, telling a secret into your loved one’s ear, a cheeky kiss on the cheek, wriggling toes, silly face, happy smiles… All these tiny details we don’t put enough attention to, but when we notice them, they bring our life stories back to us.
The session can take up to 2 hours and can be held on location or in-house, so get ready to dip your feet in the water or lick your fingers while baking this amazing raspberry cheesecake. I’m looking forward to meet you and capture it all before it’s gone.

***Send me a message today and I will get back to you with all the details about the session and available packages. The price starts at $599