Perth Family Photographer secrets

I tell you my big secret: as much as I admire watching the sunset on the beach I still can’t decide if I like to have a beach as my background for golden hour session. There are things I love and there are things I still learn how to master.
So here’s the list of what I love:
  • Waves and movement of the ocean
  • This stunning palette of blue, tourqoise and emerald colors
  • Clouds on the sky which beautifully filter the setting sun’s light
  • Reflections in the water, this narrow strip of wet mirrorlike field of sand when the water recess
  • Wind, when I need it to highlight the emotions of being wild and free (in the section of cons you see when i don’t like it)

And some challenges for the photographer in Perth!

And the ones which I treat as a big challenge:
  • Yellow/orangy light cast on the skin
  • Boring cloudless sky (here in Perth very common)
  • If there are no clouds, there is definitley too bright light if I start the session too early and this leads straight towards the squinting eyes
  • Very short time slot with this beautuful violet pinkish colors
  • Wind – sometimes it’s very annoying – especially when my guests are far away and I try to communicate wih them via my poor throat or is chilling me to the bone – and even though I was born in cold climate i still prefer nice and warm temperatures
  • Just sand and water – very polarised surroundings – I’m on the hunt for rocks and more rocks – any hints where to find them welcome in the comments section!
  • Too many passing by people on the beach – Thanks God for photoshop – but erasing them from 40 or so photos  i still treat as annoying necessity…
  • Did I mention sand? – I personally don’t mind it – we’re on the beach right?   but my poor guests… You know I’m one of those photographers which ask you to seat or worse (!) lay on the sand to get different perspective! But I’m not a dictator, so if you say no I’ll respect it  
After this probably too long intro I’m getting to the final conclusions. Any of the things from the list can make or brake the session, and that’s only one of the components – conditions on location – sometimes I have control over many of them – very often I don’t and I have to sing to what the nature plays for me. The other component are my guests (somehow the word clients sounds so impersonal and cold to me that I disliked using it) – how they feel in their own company and how I make them feel and behave when the camera is present. It sounds easy but it’s quite complex situation when photographer has to act quickly and be fine tuned with her guests to just get the best out of the situation!
I have to admit that little Michasia made me work really hard – she was like quicksilver – never stopped moving! We had harsh light in the beginning of the session and quickly setting sun in the end, a lot of people around but when Agata and Tomek managed to contain Michasia’s super powers within their embrace I finally got these few candid shots of family being, laughing and breathing together I like capturing so much! Here are some of the images from the session! Enjoy!

For inquiry…

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