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Joy of Photographing!

It was supposed to be a casual meeting with a camera in my hands… And so it was but the results really made me happy as a photographer. No pressure to achieve stunning results, no rigid frames, just pure joy of photographing!
Yes, I had a plan in my mind, yes I scouted the location before and knew where to put my subjects to use the best light. These are the things I always do to get ready. I just knew more or less what I wanted to achieve but I let the energy flow and made the most out of it. When I saw these few images where love, joy, connection and being together were present, my heart sang out of joy. Joy of photographing – one of the best feelings you can experience!

Do not rush!

This joy is not always present, sometimes we rush, sometimes we stress and think about everyday life, but it’s so important to be fully present and focused behind the camera. it changes totally the whole experience for both sides: photographer and her guests.
It helps to relax and enjoy the moment, and moments when I can capture mother’s love and child’s joy are the ones I’m after. Yes, I want to have few pictures where my subjects look straight into my camera but what matters to me most is the relation which can but doesn’t have to appear. The photographer and the clients in one place at the same time doesn’t always equal good rapport and guaranteed results. That’s why I value more the images which are not necessarily technically perfect but they carry this strong emotional load which makes the viewer to stop and think a little. I was very lucky that my lovely subjects really opened in front of the camera and I had a chance to document this amazing connection between them. Here’s few images from the session, showing their joy of being together and my joy of photographing!

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