Holding hands on the beach by Perth Family Photography

Sandy beach, father, son and the ocean…

Looking at these pictures I just realised how rare guest I am on our beautiful Western Australian beaches.
There is so many of them, I doubt I will ever have a chance to see even half of them. For someone who has grown up rather close to the mountains, it’s a real treat. I remember from my childhood that every (however rare) trip to the sea shore ended up in the beach filled by enormous crowd of beach goers.

It was hard to breath, not mentioning that even in the summer the temperature was not really inviting to take a dip. I couldn’t enjoy this vast views of water without being disturbed by at least 3 umbrellas in front of me, screams of people selling ice creams or somebody else listening to the radio.

What I enjoy now the most is the sound of the ocean, this light hum or noisy hits of the water waves against the rocks. The wind, the amazing 180 degrees view with almost no obstacles and very often just the empty beach, not a soul nearby…

Camera, light and the attitude…

Coming back to this session. I wasn’t amazed by the conditions; it was just spontaneous family trip, we were there a bit to early, with lots of people around and probably my mood wasn’t the best to take any pictures at all. Guess what, now I’m so happy I took some – it’s just the proof of things we had done together as a family! Something which would never come back in the same shape. We’ll be older, different and time won’t come back.  It’s a reminder for me to do it more often and just enjoy it, doesn’t matter the results!

If you are interested in having a family lifestyle photo session contact me here. For more work, including studio photo shoots head over to Joanna and Marcin Photography.


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