Hi, I’m Joanna, creative face behind the Cheeky Mind.

I am obsessed with light and beauty around me, trying to capture the elusive moments of my life. I’m feeling like they passing by so quickly, that my memory would fail to recall them and I will loose what’s the most important in my life – these short moments of pure happiness, the everyday life surprises, being together in the moment, small hands around my neck, sound of the ocean, moments of pure silence, feeling so much love from my men, feeling like I can’t live without them, laughing out so loudly that I feel like all troubles of this world are gone away.

But it’s one thing to notice all these things and take the pictures and quite another to create a story out of them. From the photographer’s perspective it’s probably the hardest thing to decide what’s necessary and what’s irrelevant to create something meaningful and conveying the emotions which pull the viewer inside the story.

With passing time I realised I have a ton of pictures, which lay on my Lightroom’s virtual shelves; untouched and dusted, almost forgotten. That was the breaking point to create this site. This is the place which main purpose is to motivate me to capture the moments important to me and my family, think out of the box, create the meaningful stories and just share them.
Welcome to my little world!